my rock tumbling machine - knocking off jagged edges and smoothing me out
dead for sombody’s sins, but not mine
a way for drunks and druggies to trick themselves into quitting
Cooler than Justin Beiber
crankin’ dat soulja boy
in my toast.
the person i turn to after my world has crashed
thrilled that His haters are finally talking about him.
My song

What goes in the blank?

Everyone has an opinion of who Jesus is. That's why this website exists: as a platform for people to express who Jesus is to them.

Jesus is a lot of things, but the answer is in the Bible. It says that Jesus is the Son of God, who came to earth on a mission to restore mankind to God. By living a perfect life, dying on a cross, and coming back to life, His mission was a success. We can know God because of Jesus.

So maybe the reality of who Jesus is remains too big for the blank.

Judah & Chelsea Smith, Lead Pastors at The City Church

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